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The study of LED landscape lighting and service

Shenzhen Coyunps lighting co., LTD., technical features and advantages



Coyunps LED landscape lighting optical research

1.1 the LED line lighting optical research and design

Segment is also called the wash wall illumination, also known as linear illumination.

1) the CREE LED light source, from RGBW four unity with optical lens design.


2) RGB triad of LED light source, optical lens design.

3) long oval spot, with light square lens design.

4) polarized lens light distribution design.


5) polarizing film and uniform film light distribution design.

6) families YunPu line lighting light distribution advantage:

With a vertical irradiation light spot shape;


B line light vertical basement without dark space triangle shadow;

C continuous installation end cover without gap between dark area;

D light color and color temperature uniformity, good mixing light;